superb 30-hour painted pine longcase by John Sanderson of Wigton dating from around 1720. The dial centre is deeply engraved with a religous verse that reads ' Remember Man that die thou must and after that to judgement just '. Apart from the verse there are also engraved tulip flowers and  birds of peace between a ' tied knot ' suggesting to me that this clock may have originally been made for a newly wed couple.There is also a rare date calendar. There are no spandrels but there is a type of  zig-zag engraving to the whole outer edge of the dial.   The large brass lantern type movement is heavy in construction and is typical of Sandersons early work. It is housed in a primitive painted pine case  with original external blacksmith iron butterfly hinges has a typically  ' Northern' shaped door top. The trunk sides extend right down into the inside of the base. The backboard is original  and the clock sits on its original pine seatboard.




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LEE 45v



' Remember Man that die thou must '

' And after that to judgement just '

Fecit, c1720

ohn Sanderson

S 5 LEE 3


pine 15b LEE 1


John Sanderson Single-Handed clock Wanted




Wigton Fecit

ohn Sanderson,

   howing Sanderson's wonderfully busy dial centre. A deeply engraved

with a tied knot - suggesting to me that this could be a Wedding clock.


pine longcase with

external  butterfly

trunk door hinges

religious verse, flowers, zig-zagging, date calendar and birds of peace

howing its painted

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